The purpose of the ISCL is to encourage the comparative study of law and legal systems and to seek affiliation with individuals and organisations with complimentary aims. We were established in June 2008 and are recognised by the International Academy of Comparative Law.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CALL FOR PAPERS: Irish Society of Comparative Law Annual Conference 2015

Annual Conference, 5-6 June 2015
School of Law, University of Limerick

“Comparative Law: From Antiquity to Modernity”

The Irish Society of Comparative Law (ISCL) and the School of Law of the University of Limerick are pleased to announce the sixth annual conference of the ISCL to be held in Limerick on 5-6 June 2015. The ISCL held its first annual conference here in 2009.

The conference organisers encourage proposals which have both comparative and historical elements. Submissions on any era of legal history will be considered, as will papers on comparative and historical methodologies. However, any comparative topic may be proposed, eg private law, criminal law and criminal justice, public or constitutional law, legal education, etc. In addition, proposals on European or International law will also be considered.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Friday, 30 January 2015. Proposals by both members and non-members, as well as by professional academics and graduate students, are welcome.

Proposals should be short (250 words) and sent to the Conference Organiser, Dr Laura Cahillane at ISCL2015@gmail.com . Presentations will be twenty minutes long.

The Conference fee will be €50 for members of the ISCL and €100 for non-members. (Membership fees are €50, student membership is free). The ISCL regrets that it cannot cover travel or accommodation expenses.

Additional information will be posted at www.irishsocietyofcomparativelaw.blogspot.com.

The ISCL was established in June 2008 and is recognised by the International Academy of Comparative Law. The ISCL is open to those interested in Irish and comparative law. Its purpose is to encourage the comparative study of law and legal systems and to seek affiliation with individuals and organisations with complimentary aims. Queries should be directed to niamh.connelly@tcd.ie.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


17 July (evening) to 19 July 2014
Faculty of Law and Political Science –
Aix-Marseille University - Aix-en-Provence, France


Inherently interdisciplinary, the conference’s primary focus will be comparative law’s links to a wide variety of other disciplines and themes (e.g., anthropology, economics, feminism, history, the humanities, legal education, legal philosophy, literature, politics …). Proposals may be theoretical analyses or case studies on the past or present, North or South, East or West …

Proposals may be in either English or in FrenchAny proposal on comparative law will be considered. Panel proposals are strongly encouraged, as is the participation of doctoral students and scholars from outside of the discipline of law. 

Proposals of circa 250 words (or 1000 words for panel proposals) should be submitted to Olivier Moréteau at moreteau@lsu.edu by 28 February 2014. Please attach a short biography or resume.

Registration fees are €200 (€125 for Juris Diversitas members paid up for 2014). Membership information and information on fee payment is available on the Juris Diversitas Blog (http://jurisdiversitas.blogspot.ie/).  

Note that registration fees don’t cover travel, accommodation, or the conference dinner (€50).

If want to see who's coming or let others know that you're attending, a Facebook Event Page has also been created at https://www.facebook.com/events/1393753610880875/. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

SPEECHES: Irish Society of Comparative Law Keynotes

The Keynote Speeches of the 5th Annual Conference of the Irish Society of Comparative Law, held on 24-25 May 2013 at the National University of Ireland - Galway, are now available online. 

These include: